I was raised as a Goldwater Republican; my grandmother adored Barry Goldwater — she worked at Goldwater’s Department Store. I grew up on her stories about her life with my grandfather Oley, who was a pastor; about life during the Great Depression and during the war as a Rosie. I learned about her struggles, sacrifices, and accomplishments raising two daughters on her own and then after marrying my Grampa. I grew up listening to my mother’s stories of Arizona, how to check your shoes in the morning for scorpions, to avoid running water in the street, to bring sweaters if you were going to be out after dark (before the concrete island retained the daytime’s heat). When I think of Arizona, I think of the greatest days this state has seen and the memories that keep me in love with this great state.

Those days shaped my political views until I became an Independent in 2003. In 2007, I finally changed my affiliation to the Democratic Party. I am a Progressive Democrat. For me, that means that I am not going to let the ways of the past stop me from striving towards a better tomorrow. I fight for what I think is right, but I am willing to compromise and hear every side of the issue.

Arizona is my home, the place where I belong. My life is here and I am profoundly affected by everything that our legislature does. Nearly everything they do has negatively impacted many of the people in our district. I am no longer willing to sit and complain. I am Pat Flickner, and I am your candidate for State Senate in LD 15.

Pat Flickner
4324 W Piute Ave
Glendale, AZ 85308
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