Solar Energy

  • Standards for renewable energy production by energy companies.
  • Investments in development of solar infrastructure.
  • Create solar production capital of the country.

In the last several years New Jersey has become a national leader in solar energy production alongside California. Arizona is 13 times larger than New Jersey yet we lag behind in solar technology. Arizona, with our vast desert landscape and our nearly year-round sunlight, is a perfect location to build vast solar farms that lead the nation in solar production.

Through investments in solar infrastructure, as well as standards for renewable energy production by energy companies, can turn Arizona into the national leader in solar energy. The growth in green jobs as a result will help a struggling recovery in our state and help bring research projects back to our universities and area to strengthen our education system.

The computer industry revolutionized California in a post World War II world and solar energy can revolutionize the Arizona economy and bring clean, renewable energy that ensures our grandchildren get to enjoy the same great benefits of this planet that we have, at a lower cost. What greater energy to use to cool ourselves off with during the Summer than the very thing that makes us feel so hot in the first place?