The Campaign Kicks Off

The Campaign Kicks Off

Today, I went down to the Secretary of State’s office and I delivered my petitions. In the past month, I gathered over 400 of your signatures. I am proud to announce that I am now officially on the ballot to be your State Representative in Legislative District 15.

Back in 2010 I ran against Lori Klein for a seat in the State Senate. While I did not win the last election, I learned quite a lot about what her neighbors were dealing with. With less than $2,000 in contributions, I knocked on countless doors district-wide and met a huge variety of people. They told me their issues and they asked me to help them. In the two years since, no legislator has passed, or attempted to pass, legislation dealing directly with the issues of their constituents.


I plan to change that. My goal is simple: The politics of our elected officials are so out of line with reality, we need to get back to dealing with the issues that face us every day. Whether it be by increasing funding for our schools which lack the resources to even buy fundamental supplies or by investing in high-growth low-cost green technologies that can benefit not only our state, but our country. This is what I am fighting for and this is why I run. Representatives need to represent their people and need to do their best to improve the lives of the people that are represented.

Next Saturday, June 9th at 3PM, I invite you to join me at my home for our Campaign Kickoff Block Party. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, and more and it is free for all to attend. I am running a Clean Election, however, which means I need small donations of $5 in order to receive funding, and all donations of up to $150 are accepted. Please join me as we take the next step forward on this long journey to a better Arizona.

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I am an Army veteran, business leader, wife, mother, and grandmother. I am not someone who has been elected to a political office, but I am not willing to sit idly by while our local politics spin out of control. This is not just for me or you. Its for the collective us. Please volunteer today and help us pave a better future for Arizona together.

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